• Clean Up Day This Saturday 9:30am-1:00pm

    Please join us this Saturday May 13 from 9:30AM to 1PM as we get the pool ready to open in just two weeks! We are looking for volunteers to assist with various needs and are looking for donations of potting soil and annuals or perennial flowers to fill pots of varying size. If you have previously volunteered or plan to volunteer, please remember to submit the reimbursement form found on the Website http://parliament-pool.com/join/volunteer/ .

    The following list of tasks are on the to do list:

    – power washing the deck, deck chairs and other furniture.

    – cleaning the kitchen

    – general assistance with clearing out/setting up the multipurpose room

    – debris cleanup

    – mowing and weeding

    -filling and placing planters around the pool


    In addition to the above we are seeking members with plumbing expertise to assist with the following plumbing needs. Please email the board @ board@parliament-pool.com to coordinate.

    One toilet in the men’s bathroom is not working need a new supply valve

    Water heater part is missing

    Hot water side for the sink near the front desk need a new valve

    Both Sinks in women’s bathroom are not working

    One toilet in the women bathroom needs a new supply valve

    Toilet in front of the kitchen is not working needs new supply valve

    One of the sinks in front of the kitchen has a broken trap

    Thank you in advance for your assistance this weekend and we look forward to the start of an awesome summer.


    Parliament Pool Board