Frequently Asked Questions

2022 Dues Increase

Q- Why are the dues increasing?
A- Dues are increasing to account for overall increases in operational costs and
labor. As membership registrations fluctuate year over year and the needs of an
aging pool demand more attention, the PPA cannot rely on dues alone to operate
and address future needs of the pool.

Q- How much is the cost of labor increasing?
A- Virginia has begun raising the state minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 per
hour.  In 2021, the minimum wage increased from $7.25 per hour to $9.50 per
hour. For 2022, it has increased to $11 per hour. That is a 52% increase between
2019 to 2022. In 2023 it will increase again to $12 per hour and by 2026 it will be
$15 per hour. These increases make it necessary to adjust our dues.

Q- Why is the Service Fee increasing?
A- To ensure financial reserves are maintained to address anticipated capital
improvements and possible catastrophic failures that would prevent the PPA from
operating during the season, a redeemable “Maintenance Fee” was established
after the 2016 season. This is now called a “Service Fee.” This fee allows us to
address unexpected and future needs while not impacting day to day operations.
These expenditures include, but are not limited to, the pump house, pool pump (59
yrs), white coat, pool deck, and the bath house.
As a community-run pool, there are many needs we can address with volunteers.
While we do have some volunteers who routinely help out, the percentage of
members who volunteer in lieu of their service fee is relatively low. As a result, we
need to outsource many of the more labor-intensive tasks.

Q- How do I redeem my service fee?
A- After you complete five hours of service, submit the 2022 Service Fee
reimbursement form. This form must be submitted prior to October 1, 2022.
Examples of Volunteer work include Spring Clean up, end of season close down,
grounds beautification (weeding, mulching, planting), leading or supporting
scheduled (non-swim team) events, and serving on the board or a committee. A
calendar of events will be posted with opportunities for families to volunteer at
non-Swim and Dive team events throughout the season. These events will list the
number of volunteers needed to run the event and how to sign up.

General Membership

Q- What is the difference between a SSP (Summer Swim Privilege) and a full
A- SSP Memberships offer flexibility for new residents and residents that are
staying in the area for a short while. SSP Memberships offer full access to the pool
and activities and eligibility to join the swim and dive teams. A full membership is
the best option for residents who plan to use the pool long term. Membership
requires a one-time, non-refundable $300 initiation fee. Members are owners of
the pool, which allows them to vote on pool board elections, pool referendums,
and serve on the Board of Directors. Annual dues, facility rental, swim lessons, and
guest passes are discounted. The initiation fee pays for itself in just a few years.

Q- Can I get a day pass or a single month membership to the pool?
A- The PPA does not offer pay as you go or single month memberships. New to the
area? In season move? Please email [email protected] if you are
interested in joining and would like to visit the pool.

Q- Can I host a party at the pool?
A- Yes! The Pavilion and Community Room are available for rental. Details can be
found here

Q- Do guest passes roll over from one year to the next?
A- Yes! Guest passes don’t expire. They are managed in our registration system
and the balance can be seen there. Alternatively, you can ask the gate guard to
verify your balance when you check in.

Q- How can I get more guest passes?
A- Guest passes can be purchased online or at the entrance. Additionally, you can
earn guest passes through our referral program. If a full member or Summer Swim
Privilege Member refers a NEW member or SSP, they will receive 10 guest passes
for each family who signs up. Prospective members must indicate they were
referred by you to take advantage of this promotion. This incentive is not

Q- I am not receiving emails from the pool. What can I do?
A- Email [email protected] and we’ll fix it!

Q- How do I join the swim/dive Team? How much does it cost?
A- Please visit for registration and
current rates.

Q- Why do I have to be a pool member to join the swim/dive team?
A- Participation on the swim/dive team requires membership to the pool. This is a
requirement by the swim league that the Parliament Panthers compete in (NVSL).
Since minors cannot join as single members, the interested swimmer must join
with a parent or join as a family membership.

Q- Why do non-swim and dive families pay the same rates as swim and dive
families when access to the pool is restricted during hosted swim and dive
A- The PPA is a community-run pool with a swim team. PPA Members and SSPs
pay a separate registration fee to participate in swim or dive. Some of those funds
go to upgrades that the entire pool community enjoys, such as new diving boards,
canopies, and grills.
Our goal is to ensure the Swim & Dive calendar of events is posted in advance so
membership can make alternative arrangements. If access to the swimming pool
is restricted, we offer reciprocity with other area pools and will communicate
accordingly. Most pools in the area also have swim teams and follow the same
process. We encourage membership to attend home meets and cheer on the

Q- Do I have to live in Kings Park to join Parliament Pool?
A- No! PPA is a private recreational facility requiring a membership and is not a
public facility owned or operated by Kings Park or Fairfax County. We strive to
ensure that all members, prospective members, and guests feel welcome. The
Parliament Pool Association, Inc. has been going strong ever since its founding in
December 1963 in the Kings Park neighborhood in Springfield, Virginia. We are a
community resource drawing from the Kings Park and surrounding Dunleigh,
Signal Hill, Stone Haven, Wedgewood, Woodhirst, Queensgate, Lakepointe, and
adjacent neighborhoods in Springfield, Burke, and Annandale.

Q-  Why do we not use a Pool Management Company?
A- We pride ourselves in being a community-run pool that employs young adults
from our community, which wouldn’t be possible if we used a pool management
company. This long-standing tradition has also enabled us to keep operational
costs low. Additionally, pool management fees are costly and would result in
annual dues 2-3x the current rate, as contracts typically range from $50K -$100K
per year.

Q- What safety measures will Parliament Pool take related to COVID?
A- Parliament Pool will adhere to prevailing State and County guidelines as
dictated at the time of opening. Cleaning and sanitizing common areas will
continue to be an area of focus.   We are committed to our member’s safety and
providing the best experience we can under these guidelines. 

Q-  What can members do to help the pool financially?
A- The following actions can be taken by members:

  • Become an active member in 2022 and pay your dues early.
  • Encourage SSP members to be active members in 2022.
  • Help out at the Spring Clean-up day as this takes care of a lot of general maintenance issues that would otherwise need to be outsourced (i.e., pay someone else to do).
  • Encourage non members to join the pool and take advantage of our referral
  • Volunteer during the season. A calendar of events will be posted before the
    start of the season.
  • Donate gently used items you think might benefit the pool (kitchen supplies,
    sporting goods, air hockey/foosball table).