Parliament is replacing the pool’s pump and filter, to be ready in time for Summer 2024, and we ask for your support. Thank you in advance!

$25 Donation - $25.00
$50 Donation - Bronze (Name in Newsletter) - $50.00
$100 Donation - Silver (Paint your own block) - $100.00
$250 Donation - Gold (Paint your own block) - $250.00
$500 Donation - Platinum (Paint your own block) - $500.00
$1,000 Donation - Diamond (Paint your own block) - $1000.00

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If you would like to Donate an amount not shown, contact Colin Wiemer at Note that we are a 501c(7) recreational facility, and not a non-profit for tax deductible purposes.

BACKGROUND:  In preparation for the 2024 summer season, the Parliament Pool Board is replacing the pool’s main filter and pump. As some of you are aware, our 60 year old filtration system had been operating on life support the past few summers. We performed short-term maintenance to the fiberglass tank in the spring of 2023, patching an internal crack that was leaching dirty water back into the pool. This patch improved the filtering, but the inefficient and aging system demanded daily maintenance and was extremely labor intensive. To maintain the necessary flow rate, we had to recirculate the tank daily, and backwashed it several times a week (or even daily, depending on bather load). The delicate filters were aging, costly, and difficult to clean and replace. While we thought we might have 2-4 years left on this system, the growing risk of complete system failure compelled the board to upgrade this offseason. We will be moving away from a costly DE system to a Sand Filter system that is both easier and more cost efficient to maintain. This will not only save us in chemical costs but also in labor costs and guarantee the pool can operate issue-free long-term and create a more consistent and less labor intensive operation of the pool.


OUR ASK:  The board looked at several options to pay for this costly project, to include taking out a loan (interest rates make this untenable) or assessing a one-time assessment to all members. After careful consideration, based on the success of last year’s fundraising effort for the play area, and because we know and respect that each member family is in a different financial position, we decided to reach out to our member families and community businesses to ask for your financial support in any amount you feel is appropriate. The goal is to raise $20,000 of the total cost of the $88,500 replacement. Already, our Swim and Dive Team has generously donated $3,100 to help complete the construction of this project!


SCOPE OF WORK:  100% of donations will be used towards the cost of replacing the Parliament Pool pump and filter. The scope of work to be performed includes removal and disposal of existing main pool filter tank, filters, pumps, and all plumbing from the pump discharge to the return; pouring concrete to level the pump house floor; installation of new fiberglass doors; relocation of electrical fixtures; and installation of pump, plumbing, filters, and automatic chemical controller.


DONOR LEVELS:  To show appreciation for your support, all donations Bronze and above will be recognized in the Parliament Press newsletter. Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond donors will have the opportunity to paint/customize 1 cinder block in the hallway adjacent to the Multipurpose Room however they see fit (see below for examples), to remain a testament to your generosity for the next 60+ years. Donations will be leveled as follows: Bronze ($50 – $99), Silver ($100 – $249), Gold ($250 – $499), Platinum ($500 – $999), and Diamond ($1,000 or more).


TIMELINE:  The Pool Board will bring the new filter and pump to Parliament Pool in time for Summer 2024, and we ask for your support. Please consider donating at any level you feel is appropriate.  Also, we encourage you to share the link to this Donate page with friends, family, or business contacts.  We’ll track and report progress of the fundraising via email and on this page.  Thank you in advance for your support!


CONTACT INFO:  If you have any questions regarding the project, would like to help, or are interested in donating via cash or check, please contact Colin Wiemer at




Your donations will help us bring crystal clear water to Parliament Pool for years to come!

Pump & Filter - Summer 2023
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